Monday, December 27, 2010

Available on DVD!

"This goes under the Don’t Miss heading."
- Eleanor Ringel Cater, Atlanta Business Chronicle

"With several Emmy awards under his belt,
Andrew Young could receive at least one more with the screening of his latest documentary."

- M. Alexis Scott,
The Atlanta Daily World

"Hats off to Ambassador Young, who did a great job, once again, with a great film.
Should be viewed by any and all who think racial conflict, or reconciliation,
is alternatively simple, or simply impossible.
An inspiring story."
- John Hope Bryant
Founder, Chairman and CEO of Operation HOPE

"A probing new look at [an] unlikely relationship."
- Richard Eldredge
Atlanta Magazine

Andrew Young's acclaimed documentary, Change in the Wind, is finally available on DVD! Order your copy today from our online store!

It's the little known, true story of Margaret Mitchell and Benjamin E. Mays, two people who lived in the same place, at the same time... but in very different worlds.

She was white. He was black.

She had written a Pulitzer-prizewinning novel criticized for perpetuating racial stereotypes. He was one of the fiercest enemies of racism and laid the ground work for the Civil Rights movement in America.

Yet, for nearly a decade, the most famous author in the South corresponded -- secretly -- with the legendary president of Morehouse College... and eventually became one of the most important financial supporters of the traditionally black school.

Anonymously, Margaret Mitchell provided Dr. Benjamin E. Mays with funds to pay for the medical educations of dozens of promising African American men -- a story which only came to light several years ago, and has never fully been told -- until now.

While assisting Ambassador Young with "Change in the Wind," researchers at the University of Georgia (where Mitchell's papers are stored in a restricted collection) discovered previously unknown letters which fill in important gaps and explain the author's evolving view on racial disparity in Georgia and the South.

The story is brought to life through the voice talent of a remarkable cast, led by Academy Award-winning actress Joanne Woodward, as Margaret Mitchell. David Owelow, who reads the Benjamin Mays in the documentary, will soon portray Martin Luther King Jr. in the upcoming motion picture, "Selma," directed by Lee Daniels, a 2010 Academy Award-winner for "Precious."


  1. Grafton El-Ameen HunleyFebruary 27, 2011 at 1:26 PM

    Is the Andrew Young presents series available on DVD??

  2. I would like to purchase this series too.

  3. I ordered a copy of this DVD over a year ago, but never received it in the mail. Is there any other way to order the movie?

  4. I have one for sale. Go to my store at and read my feedback. I have one copy and no other seller on Amazon has one. I'm asking $35 for the DVD. Contact me at for any questions.